For your convenience, we have constructed a rating system. Each book we review is rated both morally and stylistically. (Note: the stylistic ratings take into account not merely the author’s prose style, but also his plot, characterization, worldbuilding, etc.)

Moral Ratings:

A – Inspiring.
B – Wholesome, but no deep insights.
C – Mostly okay, but questionable elements.
D – Some distinction between good and evil, but deep flaws in content/worldview.
F – Depraved.

Stylistic Ratings:

A – Deathless prose; a classic.
B – Solidly written; charming but not awe-inspiring.
C – Passable.
D – Occasionally enjoyable, but often annoying.
F – Take a grammar class.

Please note that the ratings are are neither art nor science, but broad generalizations. While we try to rate each book appropriately, it’s often quite difficult to sum up the entire moral/artistic content of a work in two categories. Therefore, wildly different books can end up with the same ratings; to get a really accurate idea of the book, read the review.

Please also note that the Moral Rating covers only the moral/religious message of the book; it does not take into account “adult content.” A book which has fairly large helpings of sex and violence may receive a good rating if the content is not gratuitous and is presented within a solid moral framework. If you want to know about any possibly shocking content, check the end of the review, where we will give all appropriate warnings.